Interior Painting Designs You Should Try In 2020

As the year is slowly approaching its last month, interior designers & homeowners are anticipating what the next big trend will be. Interior painting design trends all through this year have ranged between bold, vibrant colors to more subtle options. Regardless of the specific design, when handled by professionals, they are absolutely stunning. Nevertheless, the year 2020 has a lot of painting designs that you should look forward to. So, if you’re planning on doing a total revamp of the painting designs in your home next year, then you’re in luck.

Interior Painting Designs

Here are some wall painting designs everyone will be raving about next year:

Monochromatic Hues

One of the biggest interior painting designs that will be a huge trend in 2020 are monochromatic hues. Basically, this painting design blends perfectly with minimalist decor and soft color tones. For instance, a soft blush hue blending with the sheets in a bedroom is the perfect color to put you to bed all day. So, if you love a simple decor design, you can transform your home with this idea.

Painted Floors

The next big trend that will take over 2020 is painted floors. This interior painting designs can be executed properly on wooden floors, especially in the kid’s room. Essentially, it gives the opportunity for creativity, as you can create beautiful patterns and shapes for a fun look. Be sure to use vibrant colors like yellow, blue, green or any that matches the color scheme. Also, this design isn’t only applicable in a kid’s bedroom, however, be sure to always think about your color scheme.

Painted Ceilings

Painted ceilings have been a beautiful trend for a while now and it is here to stay. The beautiful thing about painting your ceilings is the fact that it improves your space without too much effort. However, with this variation of interior painting designs, you need to keep it neutral. This, however, shouldn’t deter you from playing with bold colors as long as it matches the color scheme of the space. That way, it wouldn’t be difficult to take in all at once.

Ocean Tones

If there is one color palette you are certain would be iconic in 2020 is those with blue & green. Ocean hues and coastal-inspired colors are all you need for your interior painting designs to transform your space completely. Undoubtedly, blues and greens are the ideal backdrops needed to make your art pieces and furniture stand out. Also, what’s great is that they work either individually, or blended together. Olive greens and soft pistachio are earthy tones that work beautifully in any room in your home.

Also, using a blue color on either the floor, ceiling or the walls, is brilliant if you want to achieve that ocean-inspired look.


Neutrals are another amazing interior idea. However, the colors have strayed from either white or gray to clay. Its earthy, warm and simplistic appearance is perfect for working with other props.

Basically, the future interior painting designs have a lot more neutral and earthy tones than vibrant options. Thus, these colors should be a part of your color palette, if you plan on renovating soon.

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