Our Happy Clients

Luxury Design Painting & Maintenance can bring any home or office to its full aesthetic potential, internally and externally. Professional paintwork creates great impact, whether your home or office is to take on a new appearance, be restored or has just been built. We have the highest quality tradesmen and premium products to achieve the look you desire for a room or an entire office, whether that look be contemporary or classic, fresh and relaxed, lively and striking or warm and welcoming.

Luxury Design Painting & Maintenance will:

  • Perform an obligation free quotation detailing the work and product specifications, timeframe, conditions and terms, and price schedule
    Use Premium Quality paint and other supplies.
  • Discuss colour and product selection.
  • Plan and schedule work in consultation with you.
  • Allocate enough resources and manpower to complete job as per schedule.
  • Performa all task in a professional manner with utmost honesty and integrity.
  • Take care of all with furnishings and delicates.
  • Clean up and tidy the place after completion removing all debris or waste.
  • Guarantee quality in craftsmanship for the services performed
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