The Best Paint Color For Your Living Room Space

The living room is undoubtedly the most important space in your home, so you definitely want it to look fabulous. For your living room space, you not only want it filled with artsy pieces but also, an amazing color scheme. Thus, the walls need to set the tone for what color scheme your entire living room should have. So, before incorporating any pieces in your living room, have you thought about what paint color to go with?

paint color

If you haven’t, then no need to worry. Here are a couple of the best paint color you can choose from;


The color green is an amazing choice of paint to incorporate into your living room. This beautiful color sets the tone for harmony, freshness, and natural vibes effortlessly. From jade greens to more subtle sea green, you can definitely play around with it. Throw in some potted plants and wall art, and your living room space will be naturally elegant.


Gray paint gives the illusion of a more spacious wall, which is great, especially if you love a minimalist approach to interior design. However, the major reason why gray walls are so popular is that it is very elegant and sophisticated. Also, it makes a perfect backdrop for decorating. You can throw on a nice painting or a beautiful mural for that eye-catching effect.

Vibrant Yellow

The thought of painting your living room space in any bold color is daunting, much less in yellow. However, there’s a technique experienced painters and interior designers utilize to successfully achieve this. Instead of painting the entire living room wall yellow, they paint other specific areas. For instance, you could paint the door or window yellow or if you have a window blinds make sure its color is somewhere around off white, as long as the wall color isn’t a vibrant color as well. Hence, this choice of color is usually perfect with neutral wall colors like white, cream or a subtle peach.


Pink might not be everyone’s go-to color for a living room space, especially because it is considered a feminine color. Nevertheless, with the right shade, it can be. Obviously, with a pink living room, you definitely want to veer towards a lighter shade. Layer textile and wooden extra alongside this unique color and your living room will give off a bohemian vibe.


Avoid adding extra bright red to your living room. Instead, opt for Crimson, a warm and subtle variation of red. With this color, you can play around with blue and pink furniture or wall decor. Thus, giving your space a bold and vibrant look without hurting the eyes.


This might be considered an unusual color to paint your living room space, however, it is stunning and worth it. Incorporating black paint on your walls gives you the creative freedom to play around with colors. Basically, black is a neutral color and enhances the colors of every other item in the room. Leverage this opportunity to decorate effectively with matching colors.

Still uncertain about what color of paint should be on the wall of your living room space? We certainly hope not! Try one of these amazing colors and you’ll definitely love the final result!

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