Exterior House Painting Sydney

Exterior Painters Sydney

Luxury Design Painting offers the best range of choices for the exterior painting of your home. Our exterior house painters in Sydney provide expert coverage and assistance in a timely and affordable manner to help you achieve the exterior you’ve always dreamed of.

Our house painters in Sydney have a rock solid reputation for being the most reliable and affordable when it comes to exterior and interior house painting. We provide painting services across all Sydney suburbs. All you have to do is contact us and you’ll be speaking directly to a house painting professional who can help you with all your painting requirements.

Within an hour of your first contact, our house painters in Sydney will arrive at your location to accurately assess your requirements and provide you with a competitive quote on the same day. Once you give us the go ahead, we’ll start your house painting project as soon as possible.

Rest Easy with Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our exterior house painters can confidently assure you’ll be satisfied with the final outcome. We guarantee that our exterior house painting in Sydney will be of the utmost quality, ensuring you won’t have to worry about painting your home for the next 10 years. We’ll ensure that all surfaces not being painted are covered with protective plastic sheets that are completely sealed. Plus at the end of each day, we will clean all working areas. Because we know you have your own busy lifestyle, we’re happy to work around your house rules and timing schedules to ensure that your life is impacted as little as possible.

Exterior House Painting Sydney
Exterior House Painting Sydney
Exterior House Painting Sydney
Exterior House Painting Sydney
Exterior House Painting Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

How many coats of Exterior Paint do you need?

It does vary depending on the painter’s skill as well as the type of paint used, but usually two coats will help cover all the blemishes over a well primed surface.

How hard is it to paint your own exterior house?

It can be very difficult to paint the exterior of your own house without the proper time, tools and skills to evenly paint out such a large canvas. That is why we strongly recommend using exterior painters Sydney.

Does painting the outside of your house add any additional value to it?
It most definitely can, a well chosen colour and a proper workmanship will make the exterior of the house seem newer, fresher and thus add value. So regardless of the exterior house painting quotes & cost, it’s recommended to paint the exterior of the house.
What qualities should I look for in exterior house painters?
The first thing to double check for is testimonials, to ensure that other clients of this exterior house painter are satisfied with their work. After that is solid answers to any questions you have followed with a detailed estimate.
How long should the exterior paint last?
On average, a solid exterior paint job should last 2-3 years.
Can you paint over the existing exterior paint?
If the base of the old paint is in good condition, then yes you can paint over this. However, it is strongly recommended to remove the old paint for the best results. Contact our exterior painting Sydney experts for more details.