Interior Painters Sydney

Professional Interior House Painting in Sydney

Luxury Design Painting has been painting home interiors for decades, with a team of professional interior house painters in Sydney who can be trusted to get the job done. Along with our excellent quality of work and our high attention to detail, we keep our clients informed at every step of the project, from the early stages to the finished product. Keeping you in charge of your home is the Luxury Design Painting promise.

Taking Steps to Minimise Disruption

We understand that our clients lead busy lives and don’t have time to deal with problems and disruptions. That’s why, at the preparation stage, our team takes the time to talk with you and make sure any valuables are taken out of harm’s way, along with your furniture. We also carefully cover every surface with plastic and canvas drop sheets before starting. If your rooms will be used, we’ll move all furniture back before the end of each day. When it comes to Sydney suburbs, our team prefers working on two rooms simultaneously to reduce the disruption to your household and keep the job running smoothly.

Each step of the project, from preparation and the delivery of materials through to the cleanup process, is signed off and approved by the client. We also provide you with 1 litre tins of all colours used on the job in case small touch-ups are required in the future.

Interior House Painting Sydney

Our Interior House Painting Process

Our process for painting residential homes is divided into different stages, ensuring you’ll be given the opportunity to inspect and approve each step of the project. All stage approvals shall be emailed to you so that you will have your own permanent record of the project.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the current process, we won’t advance any further until you’re happy. Making sure that your opinion takes the highest priority is part of our guarantee to you.

Interior House Painting Sydney

Our process in Sydney includes the following 7 stages:

  1. Once you’ve confirmed our interior painting services, we’ll help you create the perfect colour scheme for your home. If you have your own suggestion, we’ll collaborate with you to come up with the perfect plan that’s best for your project.
  2. We will take you through the inspection of each material to be used at your home, ensuring quality materials and the correct paint colours have been ordered and that each material meets the proper building code standards for your designed project.
  3. We’ll administer an accurate preparation on all areas to be painted and conduct a careful check for the presence of asbestos and lead. If necessary, we’ll take steps to ensure that lead and asbestos removal is handled in a safe manner.
  4. We’ll conduct a Home Building Safety Inspection in order to identify any areas that may affect safety, quality or project length.
  5. We will finalise the coating, sanding between coats on windows and doors and every other necessary area. Additional coatings will be signed off if previously arranged on the contract.
  6. Our interior house painters in Sydney will conduct a thorough cleanup of your property and take you through the completed project to ensure all proposed objectives have been met and the quality of the work has been achieved.
  7. Lastly, we will apply a warranty to our job, which includes an annual inspection to ensure that the paint project can stand up to the test of time.
Interior House Painting Sydney


How much does the average interior painters Sydney charge?

This will range depending on quality of paint, craftsmanship and size of the job, the cost to complete a painting job will vary. To get accurate pricing on interior house painters Sydney, call us on 0422 036 988 or through our email

What is the recommended time to have painting work completed by interior painters?

Humidity plays a big role in drying paint inside of a house. As such, it’s usually recommended to hire interior painters during winter rather than summer due to the lower humidity.

If I’m selling my house, should I still repaint the interior?

We definitely recommend repainting your home even if you are selling it, so that you can add value to the house. The improved, clean look will help to sell it at a higher price.

Will you be able to recommend a good colour for my house?

Definitely. We would be more than happy to recommend a colour to you during the consultation stage. We can bring colour charts for you to visualise what colour would suit the inside of your house.

How long do you guarantee your work for?

The length of the warranty can vary but we strive for long lasting coverage. Be sure to contact our interior house painters Sydney  and get the details on warranty for your project.

What makes you better than other interior painters?

We offer finishes that are high end, and highly praised by clients time and time again. Regardless of the project our dedicated interior painters sydney strive to provide excellence with every job.