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Residential Painters Sydney

Does your home look a little shabby? Do you need some new paint to freshen up your house? Turn to our professional residential painters, who will collaborate with you to elevate your home. Luxury Design Painting provides comprehensive house painting services throughout North Sydney to make your house look like new.

Learn About Our Painting Services

Our professional residential painters paint your entire home, both interior and exterior.

We understand that painting the inside and outside of your home requires different skill sets, which is why we ensure that our residential painters have the training and experience to paint your home inside and out with precision.

Residential Painting Sydney

Interior Painting

Our services are designed to bring about complete customer satisfaction. We begin all of our painting jobs with a consultation. During our consultation, we assess the extent of the painting services necessary to leave your home beautiful and provide you with an accurate estimate for our services.

Throughout the painting process, we communicate with you to keep you apprised of our house painting. We update you and check in with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with our interior and exterior painting services.

Exterior painting

We believe that quality is not an accident, which is why our residential painters in Sydney suburbs use a meticulous approach to our exterior and interior house painting. Our detail-oriented house painting is fuelled by your insight and direction.

Discover Our Approach

Our service-driven approach is guided by over 30 years of experience with house painting. We use our experience to help you develop the ideal painting plan for your home. We know what painting styles and plans work best in the North Sydney area.

You collaborate with our professional residential painters and decorators to ensure that the paint matches your complete interior and exterior. We want the paint to complement and highlight other elements of your interior decorating and landscaping.

Come to Luxury Design Painting for interior and exterior house painting in North Sydney. Call 0422 036 988 today.

Residential Painting Sydney


Can our family leave our home while your team works?

Yes. Most residential painters Sydney encourage their clients and their families to do their errands while they do the painting job. Our clients have nothing to worry when it comes to safety and security in their place while they are away as our crew is fully insured and licensed to complete industry-standard tasks.

What is the best time to have a painting job at my place?

Most house painters Sydney recommend painting jobs to be done during the winter season as the temperature in our area can really go high during the summer. During summer, moisture can build up and can lengthen paint’s drying time. Hence, winter is more beneficial as the drying time can be less due to lower humidity level.

Can your crew finish the project in a timely manner without any troubles?

Yes. We treat every project with a high level of professionalism. Our team is composed of experienced residential painters and have been in the business for years. We offer hassle-free painting jobs as our crew will always be there to update you and assist you every step of the way.

How can you assure that our personal belongings are protected and secured during the job?

Can you assist me with colour selection?

What will happen if it rains during the project?

How can you assure that our personal belongings are protected and secured during the job?

In terms of the interiors, our house painters Sydney will remove all the delicate and personal belongings in the project space. They will also cover all the remaining things with plastic sheeting and clean clothes to prevent paint peelings and paint splatters.

Can you assist me with colour selection?

For sure. During the consultation stage, our staff will show some standard colour charts to our clients. The charts will help the staff and our client visualise the interior colour and whether the colour they choose will complement the exterior painting and vice versa.

Our crew can also help you scout and spot houses that are similar in appearance to yours. This can also give your ideas about the best colours to match or combine.

What will happen if it rains during the project?

Weather forecasting is a standard practice at our firm so it seldom happens that our painting job is affected by rains. However, if for instance, there is an unexpected rain while our Sydney residential painters are doing the job, then the team will just halt the job and get back to it once it dries up.