3 Tips to Help You Find the Right Painting Company

If you’re a new homeowner, then you may never have hired contractors before. For example, if you want some
rooms painted in your house, you may not be sure how to find the right painting company for the job.

You know enough to research local companies and to look at their website work galleries. You may have
talked to a few different companies about the job and checked their references. However, you may struggle to pick the right one. Everyone on your shortlist seems capable and professional, but nobody stands out.

Look beyond the basics. If you can find a painting company that goes the extra mile before, during and
after the job, then you may have found the right hire.

The following tips may help.

1. What Do You Get Before the Job?

When painting companies visit your home to quote, some simply check the scope of the work before putting a price together. Others give a more comprehensive service.

For example, an experienced painter might tell you which paints they use and why they recommend them. They give you advice on colour schemes if you want it.

A good company will also assess the rooms and tell you if you need to do any preparation work before the job starts. For example, they’ll point out fragile objects that you should remove, such as ornaments.

If you need to move furniture, the painters will tell you what should ideally leave the room or, if this isn’t possible, where you could move pieces in the room to make the job easier. If you’re on your own and can’t move furniture yourself, they’ll typically agree to do this for you.

The quotes you get can also help you shortlist. While some companies might just list the job and its final cost, some painting companies go into more detail. Their quotes break down the job into stages; they list all elements of the work and the materials that they will use.

They’ll also give you a specific schedule for the job as a whole and. sometimes, for each stage. They may ask you to sign off each stage to make sure that you’re happy with the work as it progresses.

2. What Do You Get During the Job?

Professional painting companies know that decorating jobs are sometimes disruptive for homeowners. They
take steps to keep any disruption to a minimum.

So, for example, if the job will take a few days, the company may commit to moving furniture out of a room
in the morning before they start work. The painters will then put essential items back when they’re finished
working for the day so you don’t have to manage in key rooms without furniture in the evening.

Good painters will clean up after themselves every day. If they leave tools and paint behind at night,
they’ll tidily store them away so that they aren’t in your way. If you have children or pets, they’ll remove
or make safe any items that might be dangerous or that might make a mess if small hands or paws get at them.

3. What Do You Get After the Job?

At the end of the job, the company should do a final and thorough clean-up before putting all your
furniture back in place. Apart from your new paint, there shouldn’t be any signs that the painters were

Bear in mind that professional painters often offer warranties on their work and the material they use. So
any company that gives this guarantee is worth serious consideration.

It’s also a nice – and useful – touch if your painter leaves behind a small, unopened tin of paint for
each colour they’ve used on the job. If you accidentally scratch or knock paintwork in the future, you can
use this paint to touch things up.

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