5 Ways to Mix Bold Patterns In The Living Room

Designing your living room, especially with bold patterns design can seem scary and unconventional. However, when achieved by professionals, it is absolutely worth it! The right designs and decorations can easily transform your living room from bland and boring to either modern, fun, etc. For most people, the transition from cool & neutral tones, to more bold prints and patterns can be confusing. Fortunately, with talented painters in Sydney, incorporating bold patterns in your living room space is utterly effortless. Their level of expertise allows them to turn your living room into a masterpiece!

If you’re looking to start revamping your space by adding bold patterns, here are 5 ways to get it done:

Bold Patterns

1. Try Neutral Patterns

Even though a lot of people think about so much color when they hear the word bold prints, there are so many neutral options to choose from. If the overall color scheme of your home is a “natural, neutral” and you don’t want to veer away from that, then no worries. Try incorporating a lovely natural patterned wallpaper on the wall and ensure it matches your color palette. That way, your living room can be more modern, while still in your preferred color scheme.

Neutral Patterns

2. Incorporate A Feature Wall Design

A great way to revamp or redesign your living room is by incorporating a feature wall. A feature wall basically entails enhancing the focal point of your living room. Thus, it draws the eye towards that area and gives the living room a unique, vibrant look. Your feature wall can be incorporated behind your tv, or where the mantel sits. A lot of painters in Sydney can make your living room come to life by using complementary colors for your feature wall. Choosing complementary colors to accentuate the rest of your living room space and give it a flawless outlook.
Also, utilizing paint for your feature wall is usually inexpensive and gives the option of playing around with the design.

Feature Wall Design

3. Decorate the Ceiling

Have you ever thought about designing your ceiling? This idea is definitely fresh and unconventional because a lot of people always pay attention to other parts of the living room. However, the ceiling is an amazing option to turn your living room into a fun, colorful space. With the right choice of wallpapers or a creative paint job, your ceiling can make a statement. However, with the wrong help, this could go wrong fast, thus you need only the best painters in Sydney. This way, you can rest assured of an outstanding job.

Decorate the Ceiling

4. Add Framed Wallpaper As Art

Another unique option to incorporate bold patterns in your living room is by including a framed wallpaper as art. Having a specific wallpaper, painted and framed can improve the overall aesthetic of your living room without any effort.

Framed Wallpaper As Art

5. Play With Available Objects

Adding bold patterns to your living room doesn’t have to be conventional and according to rules. Expert painters in Sydney can decorate the insides of an available bookcase or shelf. Better yet, cover a plain lamp with a decorated wallpaper. This can instantly convert your living room and make it a thousand times better.

Available Objects

Sometimes, bringing your vision to reality just requires the right group of painters in Sydney to get the job done. Be sure to contact us for your dream living room!

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