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Finding the best Painters in Paddington

Now, there would always be a difference between the type and quality of painting services a professional offers you, as compared to what the random roadside painter can do. If you want that beautiful house painting that you can always be proud of, then you necessarily need to find the best painters to do the job. We’ve been in the professional painting business for a long time, being Winner of Best Painter the year’s Awards and we know just what makes our clients happy at all times.

Right from the tiniest details to the most crucial requirements, our team of painting experts has been well trained to deliver for you. This is why our company has thrived well in the Paddington area, with an ever-increasing client base as prove.

Consequently, we are one of the best painters in Paddington- with more impressive client reviews gathered from over the years. Note that one fantastic quality that has made us stand out is our ability to meet the peculiar needs of every client that comes to us. Hence, whether you’re painting your home for the first time or you intend to do some thorough revamp on the initial paintings, we are your best bet for that painting work that meets contemporary standards.

Our company complies with professional criteria at all levels- which is one reason why we are Awards Winner and top recommended painting service, provider. We also have an excellent customer satisfaction policy, which means you cannot regret hiring us.

Our company’s primary step by step procedures for home painting

Sometimes, it is good that you know what methods and procedures would be used for your home painting before the job begins. This might give you a clue as to whether the painter knows what they should do, as well as whether your properties are secure from damage and paint smears. Usually, most painters in Paddington have their practices, but you need to see if the methods are the best for your type of painting.

Our company adopts basic step by step procedures that facilitates quality painting outputs, as well as proper safety and precautionary measures for your homewares. The benefit of our type of procedures is the fact that it works for most painting jobs. Primarily, we have two broad stages in the entire process thus:

  • The general preparation before painting commences
  • The cleaning and disposal practices during and after painting


Essential general preparations before painting your home

The following are outlines of what you should expect from us- as preparatory activities before we carry out a final painting of your home:

Providing protective covering for furniture and other home contents: Since paint smears could significantly damage or deface furniture, we always provide protective coverings- as a foremost preparatory practice, before every home painting is done. Note that the furniture coverings maybe plastic sheets or some other materials that are able to hold back the stains, without any leakage to the wares beneath.

Asides this, we also spread out drop sheets on the floor- to collect the dropping paints. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the sheets, each corner is taped to the floor to hold it firm. Once the painting is done, the sheets are neatly removed, without spilling the contents to the floor.

The color consulting and color matching phases: Have you discovered that some color matches well on your walls than others? Yes, it is not unlikely that you would need color consulting services for your home painting- especially if you’re painting for the first time. In our color consulting and matching phase, we carry out a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the painting project and come up with the best color combinations that would bring out the beauty of your home.

Currently, we have one of the best color match methods in Paddington, while our experts are still working on creating more samples- based on recent paint color trends.

Cleaning and filling up of wall cracks and holes: At this stage, our painters carry out the detailed filling of all the spaces on the wall surface, using flexible fillers. Before this, however, all chips, flakes, and peeling paints would have been removed and properly scraped off.

This filling up of wall cracks and holes is important before each painting work, so as to make the wall surface even throughout. It is one important aspect of the entire painting procedure that helps improve the durability and strength of your home walls. It also enhances the beauty of your home after the painting, since there would be no obvious cracks or patches.

Use of sealer undercoats or primers: Note that we also make use of sealer undercoats for the walls, after the wall fillers have been added. Unfortunately, not all painters in Paddington understand the importance of using primer, and this affects the quality of the job- in the short and long run. The undercoats ensure that the fillers stay in place, while also ensuring that paint adheres to the patched parts.

Depending on the type of sealer undercoat and the paint to be used, there may be a need for other additional primer undercoats, before the final painting is done.

Application of the finish coat: After adding the initial coats (primers) to the parts that require it, the next thing to do is add the finish paint coats. This may be done using paint brushes or paint rollers. Usually, we make use of both tools, since they can be used quite differently.

Our company’s cleaning and disposal procedures

All gardens and surrounding vegetation are protected during the course of work, while toxic paint products are degraded before their release into the environment. In order to prevent an undesirable buildup of paint waste over the days, cleaning is carried out for each day- until the painting job is completed.

Over the years, we have adopted the use of the DuluxEnvirowash system, which facilitates proper paint chemical disposals- in the safest means yet developed. Note that as much as we want to do a great job on your home exteriors and interiors, we also want to make sure we’re totally environmentally friendly.

Our company abides by the Australian environmental safety standards, as well as those suggested by the Dulux brand.

Although we adopt the highest safety and precautionary standards, our company still makes use of the insurance packages provided for painting services in Paddington. This insurance may sometimes cover for client losses.

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