Real Estate

Real estate services and expert skill

A service represents many different things. Indeed, it is about supplement of professionals or individuals. We take care of your diagnoses in case of exclusive mandate of three months. As soon as you entrust us with the sale of your property, we cover the cost of your diagnoses by proposing at least two referenced organizations. Our auditors are present in our premises and they are trained to answer any question related to a real estate project, immediate or future. For individuals we offer many services.

Our agents, such as transactions, leasing, management, etc

Our developers, such as commercial, financial, etc

Real estate banking, loans etc.

Our service for professionals

Our professionals also subscribe to our services. Indeed, we subscribe to internet services, tools, external services to promote our goods or our agencies. We give several types of services for professionals:

  • Services to give visibility to its ads on the Internet
  • Real estate tools to add value to property, such as real estate photos, 3D, video, etc
  • SEO to highlight his agency or his company as real estate blogs, directories, websites, etc
  • Solutions to increase the number of contacts on and off-site, such as estimation services
  • Services to give more visibility to its field agency or sales office, such as interactive windows
  • Tools for highlight the assets that our agents have for sale, such as "for sale" signs for example

Expert skills

Our Service team specialize in authorizations and facilitation of developments. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Project feasibility study
  • Planning and development authorizations
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Evaluation and strategic management of the real estate portfolio
  • Management of urban renovations and programs
  • Due diligence
  • Transaction Management
  • Quantified management of risks and value
  • Analysis and research of the real estate market