Interior Home Wall Painting Designs & Ideas

If you’re looking to revamp the style of your home, then focusing on the interior decor is a great start. The walls in your home are easily the first factor you should consider before focusing on new furniture. Thus, incorporating brilliant wall painting designs for your home might be all you need to improve the outlook of your environment. Also, with the right paint job, your rooms will appear brighter and larger.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re painting a hallway or a bedroom, the right colors instantly improve that space.

Wall Painting Designs

Here are 4 of our favorite wall painting designs for different spaces at the moment:

White & Ash Living Room

Starting off our list is the living room. The living room is the very first place anyone sees when they enter your home. So, the overall look can either say bland and boring, or unique and perfectly executed. Currently, there’s a lot of white and ash design wall painting ideas incorporated into living rooms. Think of it as a canvas, with a white or ash wall, you can play around with colors. Incorporate a beautiful painting or a design in a specific area, and you’ll have your visitors hooked.

Light Colored/ Stripe Bedroom

With the bedroom wall painting ideas, you want to look out for a more mood-boosting color/design. This way, when you get up in the morning, you can feel awake! Try light peaches, lavender, soft black or a glossy cobalt blue in your bedroom designs. Soft colored stripes are also, an amazing choice. Organize your pictures in a stylish shape on the wall and the bedroom will instantly transform into a more enticing space.

Dining Space

Dining spaces, wall painting ideas usually range from minimal, cool paint shades to really vibrant options. For instance, a cool blue paint with a patterned wallpaper is absolutely perfect for a dining space. Also, a beautiful eye-catching forest green paired with stylish pieces is equally beautiful.

Dark Gradient Hallway

A lot of people tend to ignore their hallways, however, the perfect paint job can be a great idea. The perfect hallways design or painting should be fresh, relaxing and enticing. So, deciding on the wall painting ideas for your hallway should be dependent on your personality. Nevertheless, a favorite for many is creating a darker gradient of color as you walk down the hallway. Thus, giving it the illusion of a longer and spacious hallway. The colors usually incorporated into this style are mauves, purples, and soft black.

Alternatively, you could try pairing intense shades like blue and green to create that statement feel.

Essentially, whatever wall painting designs you decide on should be based on your current color palette. Unless, of course, you decide to revamp every single aspect of your home. The problem, however, with revamping the style of your home is the fact that you might get confused, because of so many available options. Fortunately, with a reliable painting company, you can be assured of a great job. So be sure to contact us for the best paint job in Sydney!

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