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Luxury Design painting has been within the industry for over 20 years and became experts in house painters North Shore.

As with any painters, there's a definite difference between the standard and sort of labor conducted by painters north shore. When it involves your house or commercial space, you shouldn’t need to compromise on quality and have a painting partner who you'll always be pleased with . Luxury Design Painting is that the proud recipient of the simplest Painter Award so you recognize our work is backed by many others.

Right from the littlest detail to the foremost complicated sections, our team of painting experts will work tirelessly to make sure your work is completed to a T. this is often why we've become one among the main painting companies within the North Shore Sydney area.

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Make sure to travel through our gallery to ascertain all our completely satisfied clients and therefore the quality of our work. These photographs will provide visual support to our standard of labor and exactly why we are always happy to face by our work, for each single job.

Make sure to also undergo all our testimonials to ascertain what our customers had to mention , and exactly why the still refer us to their family and friends time and time again.

We have built and developed a fanatical team of specialist painters which will provide the foremost exemplary painting services within the North Shore. Please use the link here to submit a search form and speak to a Luxury Design Painter today. Alternatively, if you'd wish to call us for a no obligation chat, dial 1300 019 427 and speak to a painter today, or message us on Whatsapp using the button within the header of the web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my home exterior needs a repainting job?

The first sign that a house or a commercial building exterior needs a repainting job is when the original paint begins to fade. Generally, exterior paint jobs can last up to a decade but it varies on your location. Several factors including humidity, climate as well as weather conditions impact a paint’s duration.

Another sign that your house exterior or even interior needs a repainting job is when you see peeling and flaking paint and even small cracks. North Shore painters recommend that homeowners have a repainting job at the onset of these signs to prevent serious damages and repairs in the long run.

Do I need to perform some preparation work before your crew comes to my place?

Yes but just the basics such as the removal of important personal things in the work area. During the consultation stage, our team will estimate the scope of the project. All factors including the preparation work will be covered in this phase. We suggest to leave the prep work to our team of experienced house painters North shore as they are experts in this field.

Is it recommended to have an exterior paint job during winter?

Yes it is as the humidity level is less at this time as compared to summer. This means that the drying time will be less. However, most painters North Shore Sydney will not recommend doing an exterior painting job when the temperature is below 40 degrees unless special paints designed to withstand colder weather are used.

How many paint coats is recommended for a residential place?

Normally two will be enough for a basic painting job, but there are times that our painters North Shore Sydney will need to apply more coats than that especially if a colour change from light to dark tones is requested. Having several paint coats also has a downside as the build-up of paint layers can result in paint peeling and cracking.

Do you accept consultations on a weekend?

No problem. We accept consultations on a weekend as long as previous appointments are set. Clients can arrange for consultation appointments by calling us at our hotline 0422 036 988 or through our email